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  • This website is a slimmed down version of our new website. There are just a few common parts listed on this website. We have a full line of parts on our new extended website that shows inventory counts and has automated emails.  Please go to the new website and search for your part by clicking here.
  • Please use the CONTACT US FORM PAGE BUTTON to go to our expanded website to ask us questions relating to items we sell on our website, Cushman truckster haulster parts/service manuals, model identification, or parts look-up, Briggs and Stratton Parts, and general help with website questions. You may also request returns RMA, tracking information, or status for orders. We will answer promptly.
  • Need a certain cushman or briggs and stratton part, just let us know.
  • If you need a quote or have a question about items we sell, EMAIL US for more information. Quotes and questions will be emailed only. We are internet only. No phone calls. Thank you.
  • If you need a certain part, please make sure to include the year of Cushman vehicle, model number only (Serial numbers or VIN number do not help look up a part). Cushman go by model numbers not by year like a car, if it is four wheel or three wheel, and an email address (ALL QUOTES ARE EMAILED ONLY, NO FAX OR PHONE CALLS). You must include a MODEL NUMBER/YEAR and/or PART NUMBER (IF KNOWN). When you include a part number, please also include a brief description of that part. We have twenty or more different books to look through, so we need to know what part of the vehicle it is from to help you.
  • If you do not put an EMAIL address, we can not answer your question. If you do not receive an answer within 48 hours, please resubmit with the correct info. NO EMAIL ADDRESS, WE WILL HAVE NO WAY TO ANSWER.

You can also send direct questions to our email. This can be used for asking questions about any item on the website or items relating to companies we sell, but no spam, no advertisements,  or solicitations.